Pica Visor industrial quality permanent marker

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Pica VISOR Longlife refillable Industrial Marker

Refillable "MULTI-USE" Marker

For all material surfaces, from glossy to very rough

Refillable in a few seconds
With water-soluble “MULTI-USE” marking crayon
Extremely insensitive and versatile for water resistant marking on almost all surfaces
Patented high-tech twist mechanism for rapid and convenient handling
Convenient Holster with clip for perfect one handed use fits perfectly in Blaklader side leg pocket
Extremely long lasting and environment friendly due to high quality product technique and refill ability
Lead never dries out – full performance at all times from the first to the very last line
Markers and refill leads available in 7 colors
Blue, white and black: chloride-free for marking on stainless steel