Pica-Dry bundle set with - 10 extra graphite colour leads

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Pica Dry Automatic long life pencil set


The only Construction pencil with effective dust and moisture protection. A Push-button umbrella cap and barrel with sealing ring allow for maximum all-round protection against dust and moisture.

"Power Lock" lead holding technology, keeps leads from sliding in the chamber

The new Pica-Dry: the marking tool for professional craftsmen

  • Super easy refill 
  • Marks on almost any surface, whether dry, wet, glossy, rough or dusty 
  • Works on bright or dark surfaces and is water soluble or water jet resistant
  • Wipe clean from glossy surfaces with a damp cloth
  • Convenient holster with special clip for perfect one handed use
  • Built in sharpener in the holster - always and immediately at hand
  • Perfect fit in Blaklader side leg pockets 

#30402 set includes the 3030 pencil and #4020 Lead pack. 4020 pack has 8 leads, 3 graphite, 2 red, 2 yellow.

#30403 set includes the 3030 pencil and #4030 Lead pack. 4030 has 10 graphite leads